DEAR Millie

(Letters to Millie from lovelorn frogs as well as questions on keeping frogs happy)

Dear Millie,

    What should I feed my frog, whose name is Bruce.  I never had a frog before. I gave him lots of lettuce and carrots but he won't eat them. I'm worried that he won't eat. Help!  Bruce's human

Dear Bruce's human,

     Of course your frog won't eat! No self respecting frog likes lettuce and carrots! We frogs like to eat what bugs us. Get it? If your frog is dainty like me, he will love small crickets. If he is bigger, he will love bigger crickets or even mice. I know some frogs who eat worms too. Lay off the veggies and give him bugs!  Love, Millie


Dear Millie,

    I am a very handsome frog. I live in a lovely swamp and have many bugs to eat. But I am very unhappy. You see, there is a lovely female amphibian named Lily that I am desperately in love with and I know we could be gloriously happy together and have hundreds and hundreds of handsome and lovely froglets together. However, Lily lives in another swamp and believe me, it is not half as nice as mine but she insists we live there. How can I convince her to move to my swamp and live happily ever after?   Bob Bullfrog

Dear Bob,

    I'm sure your swamp is very nice but it seems that Lily feels the same way about her swamp. Swamps are what you make them, you know. My suggestion to you is to go swamp hunting together until you  find a swamp you can both agree on. Good luck.    Millie


Dear Millie,
    I read your advice all the time. It has really helped me. But I now have a problem and I hope you can help. All my friends have a significant other except me. What's wrong? There are lots of frogs in the pond but I seem to only attract toads. Help! Lonely in big pond   

Dear Lonely,
    You didn't mention if you are a frog or a toad. If you are a toad, maybe that's why you only attract toads. Look beyond the warts and I'm sure you will find your soul mate.  Millie


Dear Millie,
    I am a human and I would love to have a red eyed tree frog just like you. Can you tell me where I can find another frog like you?  Mike

Dear Mike,
    There is no other frog like me. So, I'm sorry to say, there will be no place I can refer you. However, if you will accept another red eye tree frog here are some links to search. And remember, Mike. All red eyes are great and I am sure the one you adopt will be just perfect! (Ignore the snake in the site. They have amphibians too. Go to the classifieds under amphibians or the links for frog breeders.) (My tank mates came from there and they are just lovely!) Good luck.  Millie


Dear Millie,
    How can I get my human to pay more attention to me? He forgets to clean my bowl and I cannot bare to bathe in it sometimes. And I get very hungry but he forgets to give me crickets. I'm feeling weak and dirty. Desperate in Toledo

Dear Desperate,
    Try lying on your back. That should get his attention.  If this doesn't work, you must escape from your tank. Call the ASPCF (American Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Frogs) and they will find a good home for you. Above all, don't croak!   Millie


Talk to me. I listen. I'm waiting to hear from you. Love, Millie

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