Art work featuring frogs. Great subject, don't you think? (Josephine)

Here are some great frog posters you can get from Go see all the frog posters there
because these are just a few! I like the one on the left below the best, don't you? (Josephine)

Frog image

Isn't this the most beautiful frog you ever saw? (Josephine)

Frog image

Here's a lot of action in this frog poster. (Josephine)

Frog image      My hero! (Josephine)

I can't imagine why you would want posters of anything
besides us (frogs) but if you do, type in what you are looking
for here. But really. Why not frogs? (Josephine)

Click on the pictures to see them better.

"Beauty, thy name is frog." (Josephine)

This is a portrait of me my human painted in pastels. I posed for it
but it sure got tiresome holding my foot up! But my human
wanted action in the painting. She paints Christmas cards, holiday
windows, frog cards and even portraits of other kinds of frogs!
Can you imagine? How could any frog be prettier than me? (Josephine)

These are murals my human painted. Can you find the frog in the pictures? You know there has to be one somewhere! Please! (Josephine)

Here, my human paints a clown at a play time site for children

Here are some drawings made by my human with computer art. She says it's not easy with the mouse. The mouse? What is that all about? (Josephine)