Wonderful digital pictures of us! We're stars. We love to pose. Click on our pictures to see us better. (Josephine)

Webster. He's sooo big! He's no Pixie!

Chester. He's a Cranwell. What's that?

Raul. He's an albino because he should be green but he's not!

Me! Josephine. Am I not the prettiest frog you have ever seen? That's me and Napoleon on the end.

Napoleon,my brother. Cute, isn't he?

Millie, Lillie and Pierre. They like it here too! Somebody has 2 pictures!

Davy Croakett, a green tree frog. He and Gertrude live with us. He croaks a lot! And as you can see, loves his swing!

Barking tree frogs. Bob and Betsy barker. They like the swing too.

Dudley and Limey. They are tree frogs too but much bigger than us! Look at those feet!

Tomas. I still think this is a silly color for a frog! And Tillie. She's yellow. Really.

Fire belly toads. We are going to take much better pictures of them!