"My tank is a melodrama every night!" (Josephine)


    This page is a little different. There are some frogs here as well.  These frog dolls dressed as they are, represent the characters in the melodramas from the past few years. From left to right are, the villain, Snidley Whipstall, the villainess, Harriet Hottaire, the heroine, Sweet Nell and the hero, Dudley Flyright.  The melodramas depicted by these frog dolls had an aviation theme, hence the aviator names of the villain and hero.


    Melodrama is fun! It is NOT passive entertainment. The audience's participation is as important as the actors to the play. The villain is booed, the hero cheered and you sigh for the heroine. We hope to be performing more melodramas soon and information about that will be here. Check out the Pioneer Opera House in the links. Getting the opera house refurbished to meet county code is a huge undertaking, especially since Pioneer Living History Village is a non-profit venture and there is little money available. But...we are hopeful that despite all odds, we will get it ready for melodrama audiences in the (hopefully) near future! Then, one can take a journey back in history, forgetting today just for a little while, and laugh yourself silly with old fashioned melodrama!

    Below are pictures from past melodramas, "All That Glitters", "The Goose Flies South" , "Jungle Book" and "Peril at Pioneer". 


"All That Glitters"
at Columbia, CA


                     "The Goose Flies South"

"Jungle Book"



"Peril at Pioneer"