"I don't want to share a tank with this guy either"! (Josephine)

            This is Raul.            This is Chester.

    Just like the Pyxie frog, this frog can get quite big and while he appears cute as the dickens, could give you a bite should you not exercise caution during feedings. The Ornate or horned frogs (horn like projections over eyes), are commonly referred to as Pac man frogs because of their propensity to "gobble" up anything that moves. You do remember that game, don't you? As a result, these frogs should also have separate quarters since a smaller room mate will not be spared. Raul is so named because these frogs are native to South America so he needed a Latin name. Raul is considered an albino because he is red-orange where he would ordinarily be green. Their colors and markings vary from blue/aqua and beige to the common green.

    Crickets and mice are favorite foods for these frogs. The technique is the same as for Pyxies. Be careful! Use a wooden spoon (for example) to wiggle the defrosted mouse so your frog believes the mouse is alive. If it wiggles, it must be alive, therefore fresh. Frog's way of thinking, I guess.

    Raul resides in a 10 gallon tank with indoor outdoor carpeting, a bowl just his size and a "toad" house. ( says "toad house" over the door). Raul adores his toad house and hides in it all the time unless he is bathing. In the winter months when the temperature is cool, a light during the day will make your frog feel toasty warm. A UV light provides "sunlight" necessary to metabolize Calcium unless your frog gets to bask in actual sunlight periodically. And at night, plastic wrap keeps the heat in. These frogs, like Pyxies are easy to care for. Their needs are simple. A clean "pond", a mouse now and then, lots of Calcium dusted crickets because these frogs are super prone to Calcium deficiencies, and a house to hide in makes them happy. A screen is usually not necessary since these frogs are not jumpers. However, if you have dogs or cats, it might be a good idea to prevent them from getting in.

    Chester is a new addition to the frog family. He is a Cranwell which is a type of horned frog. He is a baby and now only the size of a silver dollar. He was a rescue because he was a sick frog with metabolic bone disease. His bones were very soft and he couldn't eat well on his own. Baby frogs need proper nutrients just like human babies so they grow up healthy. He was given regular doses of Calcium and force fed. But he is now doing well and eating on his own and has quite an appetite so we're sure he won't be a little guy long! Chester enjoys his crickets, bathing and hanging out in his toad house and gets to bask in the sun now and then. And as you can see from the above picture of Chester, he likes to burrow in moss. So does Raul. These frogs don't go hunting. They wait patiently until the cricket or some other prey comes their way and then they grab it. No energy wasted that way!