"This is where you find out about taking care of me! And other frogs too, of course".  (Josephine)

    Certainly not all frogs are listed here. There are somewhere around 2 to 4000 species of frogs in the world! The frogs you'll find here are the ones I am intimately familiar with since these are frogs that have resided with me at one time or another. Believe me. Keeping a frog will tell you a lot about them especially if you pay attention. The larger the frog, it seems the longer the life span. Keeping frogs for however long, is like bringing a bit of nature into our urban lives. This way we can watch them and learn about nature up close and personal in the comfort of our own homes. Apartment complexes may not allow dogs or cats but I've yet to see one that won't accept a pet frog. The specific care here is again based on my experience and what worked for me and my frog. Much, much more detailed information can be found in books and periodicals, some of which are listed in the Bibliography or in the Links to frog care.

    All of the photos on each specific frog page except for the Leopard frog and Bullfrog,were taken of my frogs. There are numerous wonderful frog sites with photos of all sorts of frogs and some of those are also listed here in the Links.

      Pyxie frog     Pacman frog     Tomato frog      Tree frog    

White's tree frogs     Bullfrog and Leopard frog        Fire Belly Toads