"Pretty silly color for a frog if you ask me"! (Josephine)


    These frogs are really red orange! The truly red ones are from Madagascar while the domestically bred ones are lighter. They are nicknamed "tomato" frogs because of their color and they do look somewhat like fat little tomatoes. These little fellows are more a yellow color while babies and as they mature, they turn red. They are shy frogs and like to either burrow under moss or soft substrate or hide in a house. (sounds like every other frog.) They sneak out to bathe at night when no one is looking. When stressed, they exude a nasty sticky glue like substance which is a stinker to remove. It is not harmful but rather annoying. What predator wants to deal with that?

    Tomas has settled in nicely. He even croaks now and then to let us know he is around. And for a little guy, he sure is loud! He doesn't seem to mind being out bathing at night as much as he did when he first arrived. Guess he figured out (like every other frog does eventually) I feed and take care of his needs so there is nothing to be afraid of. He is still a little shy but that might be just his personality or the nature of a Tomato frog. He even puts up with me picking him up now and then. Of course it's just for routine maintenance! Tomas is now learning the routine and becoming more relaxed and tolerant of me. These frogs like crickets and when larger will have an occasional mouse. Tomas is eating his crickets, bathing regularly and exhibiting normal frog behavior. Tomas gets up on the top of his house and surveys his kingdom. And from that vantage point, he can better see where his crickets are.

    Tomas has a girlfriend! Boy, is he happy! Her name is Tillie and only her legs are orange. Her body is yellow like an unripe tomato. Other than her color, she looks just like Tomas and acts like Tomas. She likes her back rubbed and will croak softly almost like she's purring. Tillie's picture will soon be here with Tomas' picture.