"Well, they may be tree frogs, but they're a lot bigger than me"! (Josephine)

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Here is Limey and Dudley. Both these frogs are brown...and green. Limey here is green and Dudley is still brown. Maybe Limey feels warmer. It's a temperature thing.  They love their castle! Yes, their house is really a castle. They love to sit in the door of their castle surveying their kingdom. Just like a prince (or princess).

    White's tree frogs are fun frogs! They are very docile and friendly and seem not afraid of humans. They make a good first pet frog for that reason. They will ride on your shoulder but you can't be sure they will stay put. These frogs are housed in a 40 gallon tank with carpeting, a plant for ambience, a suitably sized bowl and of course their toad house. These frogs are said to like to climb and I have provided them with a sturdy stick but they never used it much preferring to hide in their toad house, sit in their plant, sit on a rock, sit on top of their toad house and once in a while climb on the glass of the tank. They don't always leave debris in their water so their carpeting is frequently changed and sent to the "laundry". Fortunately I have accumulated extra carpeting so a quick change is always possible.

    White's (named for the person who discovered them) tree frogs are usually hearty eaters but do slow down a bit in the winter. They too are quite prone to metabolic bone disease and need Calcium dusted crickets for sure. In the cooler months they enjoy a light on their tank and will bask under it. They need a screen because without one, you could find your White's tree frog exploring your ceilings. With good care, these frogs have a life span of about 20 years.

Limey and Dudley by their castle

A Flower For My Lady

How can you resist a face like this?

Exercise is good for your frog just like for you.